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Judge Bell takes CARE of the plight of  people! 


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JUDGE RACHEL BELL to a 3rd Term!


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March 30, 2022


The Napier-Looby Bar Association (NLBA) is a bar association dedicated to the advancement and development of African-American attorneys as well as other attorneys and individuals interested in issues affecting the African-American community. 

March 28, 2022


The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee represents thousands of union members from the industrial, commercial, service, construction, and public sectors. For the past month, we have been collecting questionnaires and interviewing candidates in every Metro Nashville district and race. Following this thorough screening process, our diverse affiliates agree that the following candidates are the best candidates for working families in Davidson County. 


March 22, 2022

IMG_7401 2.HEIC

Women in Numbers (WIN) is a nonpartisan organization established to engage, encourage and endorse qualified women to be elected to public office. Since our founding in 1992, WIN has become a growing force by endorsing more than 300 candidates and contributing to their campaigns. WIN relies upon membership, fundraising events and sponsors to make this possible.

Women in Numbers is committed to changing the numbers. As one of the only nonpartisan, non-issue-based political advocacy groups, WIN’s mission is to engage women in civic discourse, encourage women to run for office and endorse qualified women who choose to run for local office.

WIN is changing the conversation around gender and leadership and reshaping the face of politics in Middle Tennessee and beyond. 

February 24, 2022

National Endorsement!!

Judge Bell has been endorsed by the only national organization dedicated to electing LGBTQ people to public office. This endorsement signals Victory Fund’s confidence that Judge Bell is well-positioned to win her Re-Election and will be a strong voice for equality as she continues to serve.


Judge Bell is the first openly LGBTQ judge to serve on the bench here in Nashville, Davidson County.

Judge Bell shared, “I am honored to receive this endorsement and support for my re-election. This is a huge boost for my campaign, because their endorsement is a seal of approval that the work I have done, and I’m currently doing is necessary.  Receiving, National recognition is amazing and I am very thankful to be amongst the other leaders focusing our work on equality for ALL !”


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December 9, 2021

Judge Rachel L. Bell  wins the TN Human Rights Award for OUTSTANDING SERVICE  

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Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 12.56.17 AM 1.png

September 21, 2021

Judge Rachel L. Bell wins the TALS - 2021 Janice M. Holder
Access to Justice Award presented by Chief Justice Rodger Page

July 30, 2021

July 21, 2021

July 14, 2021


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JRLB-Democratic Primary Campaign Kickoff 2.png
JRLB- LGBTQ Campaign Event 3-10-2022.png
March 10, 2022
LGBTQ Allies & Supporters
Meet & Greet - 5:30 p.m.
Midtown Nashville
March 15, 2022
Democratic Primary
Campaign Kick-Off & Fundraiser
GIOVANNI'S at 5:30 p.m.
February 11, 2022
Hillsboro Pre-Game Meet & Greet with Alum Judge Rachel L. Bell @ 4:00 p.m.
GreenHills, West Nashville
February 4, 2022
Judge Rachel L. Bell qualifies to be on the May 3, 2022 ballot. She's READY!!
Hillsboro Event-v2-2022.jpg
December 7, 2021
Women for Judge Rachel L. Bell/ Fundraiser 
Tues. December 14, 2021 @ 5:30 p.m.

Judge Marietta Shipley's Home: West Nashville
December 21, 2021
Judge Rachel picks up her petition to be on the May 3, 2022 ballot.

This event was well attended and had special remarks made by Judge Rachel's mother, Beverly W. Bell, her spiritual mentor, Kaki Friskics - Warren, her judicial mentor, Judge Marietta Shipley her former Freshman Basketball Coach, Mary Catherine Bradshaw and Friend, Chamique Holdsclaw. 


Judge Bell also did a Q&A discussing her INITIATIVES & WHY SHE RUNNING for ANOTHER TERM OF OFFICE. Stay connected on FB, Instagram & Twitter @judgerachelbell

June 22, 2021
Campaign Meet / Greet & Fundraiser
Tues. JUNE 29, 2021 @ 5PM
NKA Art Gallery next to Slim & Husky's : North Nashville

The Campaign Meet & Greet was well attended and Judge Bell shared during a Q&A session her WHY, her FOCUS, her MISSION and next steps as she continues to serve the Nashville Community ON and OFF the bench! Stay connected on FB, Instagram & Twitter @judgerachelbell

May 27, 2021
Campaign Kick-Off
Sat. JUNE 5, 2021 @ 6PM
The LOVEFEST Nashville : Bordeaux-North Nashville

The Campaign Kick-off was EPIC!! Over 200 people were in attendance and $20,000 was raised to Re-Elect Judge Rachel L. Bell to a 3rd Term.


To see pictures from the event go to FB @judgerachelbell

May 4, 2021

Judge Rachel Bell gears up for a 3rd Term!

It's time to Ring the BELL for Justice! Judge Bell says she is ready to go for a 3rd term!!  She was elected as the youngest judge in Davidson County in 2012 and Re-Elected in 2014 to her second term. She will be on the Ballot May 3, 2022.  Since 2012, Judge Bell has presided over 200,000 cases and saved the taxpayers over $150,000 in community service work.  She started the State of TN's first Music City Community Court, R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Court, C.A.R.E. Diversionary Court for Ages 18-30 and the L.E.G.A.C.Y. Housing Resource Diversionary Court & Program.  Judge Bell is investing in Nashville's future and deserves to be re-elected to a 3rd term.


Thanks for your interest in Ringing the Bell for Justice. Someone from our campaign team will be in touch with you.

April 30, 2021

The Committee to Re-Elect Judge Bell has appointed her Political Treasurer, Robert Notestine, III.

To keep up with the campaign stay connected on social media @judgerachelbell

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